Allies with Families

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The Allies story of excellence in mental health wellness.

Allies with Families, the Utah Chapter of the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, was created in 1991 to offer practical support and resources for parents and their children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs. Allies with Families is an expert resource that can help your family in many ways.

Helping You, Your Child, and Your Family

Allies With Families offers wellness programs tailored for the whole family.

Answers to Your Questions

Families of children with mental health challenges are faced with many difficult questions. You may have wondered:

Diagnosis-Specific Information

Allies can provide basic information for you to better understand your child’s illness and to direct you to appropriate mental health resources. Allies has developed parent information packets for 20 mental illness diagnoses/mental health needs. These materials are provided free of charge – you may request a parent packet in electronic form or printed form. Packets are also available in Spanish.

Wellness Programs

The Operation Families Together wellness program has something for everyone! Allies offers many options… From Hope to Recovery is a mental health education class for parents and caregivers. Sibshops are a fun and recreational resource, and have been specially created for brothers and sisters of a child with special needs. Kidpower is an interactive social skills workshop, also for siblings. In addition, childcare can be provided for children up to age 6.

From Hope to Recovery and Sibshops are also available independently, at locations throughout the state of Utah. We have created an easy-to-use list to help you find a facilitator near you.

Allies also offers Growing Up Without Growing Apart – an education program for parents of adolescents with mental illness. This course is for parents and caregivers of youth age 14-24, as they transition to young adult mental health services and programs.

Advocacy, Community, and Resources

Allies with Famillies advocates for your child's access to critical services, including: education/schools, mental health care providers, disability services, courts, youth corrections, and children’s social services. Allies can also help you find culturally appropriate services for your family.

Allies can help find support in your area. Allies can connect you with other parents/caregivers and families in your area who are facing similar challenges.

Allies provides programs with a focus on advocating for yourself and/or other families who are facing similar challenges. Some trainings offer certification at the end of the program, such as negotiation and mediation, case management, and some family education programs.

Allies has a parent lending library with books, media, and other community resources on various mental health challenges and diagnoses, including family/parenting support and mental wellness information. This lending library is available to all parents and is free of charge – please contact us to arrange to use these library materials.

Supportive Network

With an excellent network of resources and personal experience, Allies with Families provides effective strategies for families facing the unique challenges of mental health needs. We know how hard it can be to get support because we have been through similar experiences. We are here to share this knowledge with you. Please contact us to let us know how we may best assist you.